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entre et /20


Album (359)


69 Eyes, (the) Angels 2007
Back In Blood 2009
Aegirson Sons Of Etheria 2009
After Forever Prison Of Desire 2000
Exordium (EP) 2003
Invisible Circles 2004
Agathodaimon Phoenix 2009
In Darkness 2013
Akentra IV.IV.IV (Demo) 2009
Asleep 2010
Alucard Cold (single) 2007
Amartia In A Quiet Place.... 2011
Amber Asylum coeur Sin Eater 2015
Amorphis Silent Waters 2007
Ancient VVisdom A Godlike Inferno 2012
Angellore Errances 2013
coeur La Litanie des Cendres 2015
coeur Rien ne devait mourir 2020
Antichrisis Cantara Anachoreta 1997
Ardours Last Place on Earth 2019
Argile coeur Spleen Angel 2024
Asrai Pearls In Dirt 2007
Asylum Suckling the Mutant Mother 1991
Atrocity gueule Werk 80 II 2008
Autumn My New Time 2007
Cold Comfort 2011
Ava Inferi Blood of Bacchus 2009
Basilisk ...Between Light And Shadow 2003
Battlelore Doombound 2011
Before The Dawn Decade Of Darkness (EP) 2011
Deathstar Rising 2011
Betray My Secrets Betray My Secrets 1999
Beyond Dawn Pity Love 1995
Black Crucifixion Promethean Gift (EP) 1993
Blackbriar Fractured Fairytales (EP) 2017
We'd Rather Burn (EP) 2018
Our Mortal Remains (EP) 2019
Blazing Eternity A Certain End of Everything 2024
Bronx Casket Co., (the) Hellectric 2005
Cagoule Effondrement De La Normalité 2020
Carved Dies Irae 2013
Celestial Season Forever Scarlet Passion 1993
The Secret Teachings 2020
Celtic Frost Into the Pandemonium 1987
Cemetary Black Vanity 1994
Chelsea Wolfe Pain Is Beauty 2013
Christian Death Only Theatre of Pain 1982
gueule Catastrophe Ballet (Réédition) 2009
Cocteau Twins Treasure 1984
Coma Alliance Weapon of Choice 2018
Counting Hours The Wishing Tomb 2024
Cradle Of Filth The Principle of Evil Made Flesh 1994
Damnation and a Day 2003
Thornography 2006
Thornography Deluxe (CD+DVD) 2008
Existence is Futile 2021
Crematory Infinity 2010
Antiserum 2014
Crippled Black Phoenix coeur Great Escape 2018
Dame Silú de Mordomoire Ordeals 2018
coeur A World of Shadows 2020
Dark Age Acedia 2009
Dark Sanctuary Dark Sanctuary 2010
Dark The Suns All Ends In Silence 2009
Darkher coeur Realms 2016
Darkwell Metat[r]on 2004
Darzamat Solfernus 2009
Das Scheit Superbitch 2005
Daylight Dies Lost To The Living 2008
Dead Can Dance Dead Can Dance 1984
Spleen and Ideal 1985
Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun 1987
The Serpent's Egg 1988
Death SS Resurrection 2013
Deathless Legacy Dance With Devils 2017
Deathsomnia coeur You Will Never Find Peace 2021
Deathstars Termination Bliss 2006
coeur Night Electric Night 2008
The Perfect Cult 2014
Decoryah Wisdom Floats 1994
Delain The Human Contradiction 2014
Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church o [...] Wish I Weren't Here 2019
Deth Rok Us & Them 2013
Dismal Giostra Di Vapore 2013
Divine Lust The Bitterest Flavours 2008
Draconian The Burning Halo 2006
Sovran 2015
coeur Under a Godless Veil 2020
Dustbowl In Recoil 2009
Earth Electric Vol.1: Solar 2017
Ecnephias Inferno 2011
El Cuervo de Poe Ex-Libris 2012
Eli Darkness Will Fall 2008
Elis Dark Clouds In A Perfect Sky 2004
Emptiness coeur Not For Music 2017
Empyrium coeur The Turn of the Tides 2014
Enchantya Dark Rising 2012
End of Green The Sick's Sense 2008
Endless Chain Forthcoming Past 2021
Endraum Zeitenlicht 1993
Ensoph Opus Dementiae 2004
Entwine Painstained 2009
Epitimia (Un)reality 2014
Eternal Tears Of Sorrow Before The Bleeding Sun 2006
Evanescence Origin 2000
Fallen 2003
Anywhere But Home (DVD) 2004
The Open Door 2006
Ewigheim Bereue Nichts 2012
Exxistence Phusis 2019
Faal Neither Tide nor Time 2020
Fading Bliss coeur Journeys in Solitude 2018
Neither Tide nor Time 2020
Fall Of The Leafe Volvere 2004
Fields of the Nephilim Dawnrazor 1987
The Nephilim 1988
Elizium 1990
Flowing Tears Thy Kingdom Gone 2008
For Selena and Sin Overdosed on You 2007
Forbidden Site Renaissances Noires (démo) 1996
Forest of Shadows Among the Dormant Watchers 2018
Forever Slave Tales for Bad Girls 2008
Forgotten Tomb ... And Don't Deliver Us From Evil 2012
Funeral From These Wounds 2007
Oratorium 2012
Funeral Void coeur To Forever Misery Bound 2023
Gospelheim coeur Ritual & Repetition 2022
Gothminister Hapiness in Darkness 2008
Utopia 2013
Hallatar coeur No Stars upon the Bridge 2017
Hanging Garden I Was A Soldier 2013
Henke Seelenfütterung 2011
HIM Razorblade Romance 2000
Love Metal 2003
Host IX 2023
Hybernoid The Last Day Begins? - Reissue 2016
Inborn Suffering Regression to Nothingness 2012
Infinity Overture gueule Infinity Overture Pt 1 2011
Inhepsie Orbe 2007
Jack Frost My Own Private Hell 2008
Jesus On Extasy gueule Beloved Enemy 2008
Kælan Mikla Undir Köldum Norðurljósum 2021
Karmic Link No Light But Rather Darkness Visible 2008
Katatonia Sanctitude (live) 2015
The Fall of Hearts 2016
Kreator Endorama 1999
Kuoleman Galleria coeur Pedon synty 2023
Lacrimas Profundere gueule Songs For The Last View 2008
gueule Antiadore 2013
Bleeding the Stars 2019
Lacrimosa coeur Sehnsucht 2009
Revolution 2012
Lacuna Coil Lacuna Coil (EP) 1998
In A Reverie 1999
Halflife (EP) 2000
Unleashed Memories 2001
Comalies 2002
Broken Crown Halo 2014
Black Anima 2019
Lake of Tears Black Brick Road 2004
Lamp of Murmuur Submission and Slavery 2021
Leaves' Eyes Lovelorn 2004
Vinland Saga 2005
Lenore S. Fingers Inner tales 2014
Letzte Instanz Das Weisse Lied 2007
Schuldig 2009
Light Field Reverie coeur Another World 2020
Light of the Morning Star coeur Charnel Noir 2021
Long Night Sorrow Returns (EP) 2016
coeur Barren Land 2018
Tick Tock (single) 2020
Lykaion Nothin' But Death 2012
Lyriel Leverage 2012
Madness of the Night The Asgarda 2013
Mandragora Scream gueule Volturna 2009
gueule Luciferland 2012
Manes Slow Motion Death Sequence 2018
Marilyn Manson coeur The Pale Emperor 2015
Mercury Circle coeur Killing Moons 2021
Michelle Darkness gueule Brand New Drug 2007
Midnattsol Where Twilight Dwells 2005
MonumentuM In Absentia Christi 1995
Ad Nauseam 2002
Moonspell Wolfheart 1995
The Butterfly Effect 1999
coeur Night Eternal 2008
coeur Alpha Noir 2012
Omega White 2012
Extinct 2015
Hermitage 2021
From Down Below - Live 80 Meters Deep 2022
Mortual Autumn Requiem 2014
My Black Light Human Maze 2011
My Dying Bride Turn Loose the Swans 1993
The Angel and the Dark River 1995
A Line of Deathless Kings 2006
Bring Me Victory (EP) 2009
The Ghost of Orion 2020
My Silent Wake coeur Damnum Per Saeculorum 2020
Myrkur M 2015
Mausoleum 2016
Nachtblut gueule Antik 2011
gueule Dogma 2012
Naio Ssaion Out Loud 2005
Near Death Experience Brief Is the Light 2024
Nebelhexë Essentual 2006
Essentual 2006
Nefilim Zoon 1996
Nemesea The Quiet Resistance 2011
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Your Funeral… My trial 1986
On Thorns I Lay Crystal Tears 1999
Future Narcotic 2000
coeur On Thorns I Lay 2023
Oomph! GlaubeLiebeTod 2006
Truth or Dare 2010
Ophelia Sympathize With Your Fantasy 2010
Order of Isaz Seven Years of Famine 2014
Orphans of Dusk Revenant EP 2015
Orplid Greifenherz 2008
Palace of Worms Cabal 2023
Panychida Haereticalia - The Night Battles 2016
Paradise Lost Icon 1993
The Anatomy of Melancholy (DVD) 2008
Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us 2009
Tragic Idol 2012
The Plague Within 2015
Symphony For The Lost (live) 2015
Medusa 2017
Pinkish Black Razed to the Ground 2013
Plastique Noir coeur Iskuros 2021
Ponte del Diavolo coeur Fire Blades from the Tomb 2024
Punkosaur coeur They Can Call Me A Witch 2020
Pyogenesis Pyogenesis (EP) 1992
Razordog Lucy Fairy's Club (demo) 2005
Riefenstahl gueule Instinkt 2007
Rope Sect coeur The Great Flood 2020
Sadness Ames de Marbre 1993
SaraLee Damnation to Salvation 2008
Secret Discovery Alternate 2006
Secrets of the Moon Sun 2015
Sede Vacante Skies Infernal 2016
Sentenced Amok 1995
Down 1996
The Cold White Light 2002
The Funeral Album 2005
Shape Of Despair Angels of Distress 2001
Shores of Null The Loss of Beauty 2023
Silentium Seducia 2006
Sinamore A New Day 2006
Siouxsie And The Banshees Tinderbox 1986
Sirenia gueule The Enigma Of Life 2011
Sirrah Acme 1996
Skemer coeur Toasts & Sentiments 2023
Soulgrind The Origins Of The Pagan Blood 2004
Soulrelic Love Is A Lie We Both Believed 2005
Stoneman How To Spell Heroin 2007
Stream Of Passion Darker Days 2011
SUP Anomaly 2000
Octa 2023
Swallow The Sun When a Shadow is Forced into the Light 2019
Talsur Offertorium 2017
Tenebre Hearts Blood 2005
The 3rd and the Mortal Tears Laid in Earth 1994
Sorrow (EP) 1994
Painting on Glass 1996
The 69 Eyes Universal Monsters 2016
The Aerium Song For The Dead King 2004
The Birthday Massacre Under Your Spell 2017
The Bleak Picture Songs of Longing (EP) 2021
Meaningless 2024
The Crest Vain City Chronicles 2005
The Cure Pornography 1982
The Days of the Moon The Words and Music of David Mellor 1992
The Devils Music The Devils Music 2016
The Dreamside Spin Moon Magic 2005
gueule Lunar Nature 2009
The Foreshadowing gueule Days Of Nothing 2007
Days of Nothing (2) 2007
Oionos 2010
coeur Second World 2012
Seven Heads Ten Horns 2016
The Gathering Always... 1992
Almost A Dance 1993
The Howling Void The Triumph of Ruin 2016
The Last Embrace The Last Embrace (démo) 2003
Inside 2006
The Lovecrave The Angel And The Rain 2006
The Man-Eating Tree Harvest 2011
The Mission UK Another Fall From Grace 2016
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud 1993
Amara Tanta Tyri 1994
A New Soldier Follows The Path Of A New [...] 1995
Were You of Silver, Were You of Gold 1996
The Smell Of Blood But Victory 1997
Rest On Your Arms Reversed (Compil) 1999
The Project Hate MCMXCIX coeur The Lustrate Process 2009
The Sisterhood Gift 1986
The Sisters Of Mercy First And Last And Always 1985
First And Last And Always 1985
Floodland 1987
Vision Thing 1990
The Slayerking Sanatana Dharma 2016
The Slow Death II 2012
The Vision Bleak The Deathship Has A New Captain 2004
Witching Hour 2013
The Unknown 2016
The Wounded The Art of Grief 2000
Atlantic 2004
Sunset 2016
coeur The Sky is Ours 2023
Theatre Of Tragedy Velvet Darkness They Fear 1996
Musique 2000
Forever Is The World 2009
coeur Last Curtain Call (live) 2011
Theatres des Vampires Candyland 2016
Thurisaz The Pulse of Mourning 2015
Tiamat Judas Christ 2002
Amanethes 2008
The Scarred People 2012
To Elysium Nightmare's Nest 2004
To/Die/For Samsara 2012
Tokio Hotel Schrei - so laut du kannst 2006
Trail Of Tears Oscillation 2013
Trees of Eternity coeur Hour of the Nightingale 2016
Tribulation The Children of the Night 2015
coeur Down Below 2018
Tribunal coeur The Weight of Remembrance 2023
Tristania Beyond the Veil 1999
Ashes 2005
Illumination 2007
Rubicon 2010
coeur Darkest White 2013
Type O Negative Bloody Kisses 1993
October Rust 1996
World Coming Down 1999
Life Is Killing Me 2003
Dead Again 2007
Unseelie Urban Fantasy 2014
Unshine Dark Half Rising 2013
Astrala 2018
Ureas The Naked Truth 2006
Valkiria Here The Day Comes 2012
Venus Principle Stand In Your Light 2022
Vespera Imago 2018
Via Mistica Under My Eyelids 2006
Virgin Black Sombre Romantic 2001
Elegant... and Dying 2003
Requiem - Pianissimo 2018
Vulture Industries coeur The Tower 2013
W.E.B. coeur For Bidens 2014
Walk In Darkness On the Road to Babylon 2020
Wazzara Cycles 2021
Welten Brand The End Of The Wizard 2006
Witchbreed Heretic Rapture 2009
Within Temptation Enter 1997
The Dance (EP) 1998
Wormfood L'Envers 2016
Xandria India 2005
Salomé The Seventh Veil 2007

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