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entre et

entre et /20


Album (93)


Affector Harmagedon 2012
Akentra Asleep 2010
Antimatter The Judas Table 2015
Arachnes A New Day 2011
Arco Iris coeur Colorcube 2011
Autumn Cold Comfort 2011
Black Magic Fools Soul Collector 2016
Bottle Next Bad Horses 2017
Bowness, Tim coeur Abandoned Dancehall Dreams 2014
Cassie Something You Always Wanted To Hear (EP) 2011
Circus Maximus Nine 2012
Close Your Eyes Empty Hands And Heavy Hearts 2011
Coma Divine Dead End Circle 2011
Consortium Project V - Species 2011
I - Criminals And Kings 2011
II - Continuum In Extremis 2012
III - Terra Incognita (The Undiscovered [...] 2012
IV - Children Of Tomorrow 2012
Deathless Legacy Dance With Devils 2017
Delain Moonbathers 2016
Divine Ascension As The Truth Appears 2011
Eisbrecher Eiskalt 2011
Eklipse A Night In Strings 2012
Eluveitie Helvetios 2012
Origins 2014
Enchantya Dark Rising 2012
Epica Requiem For The Indifferent 2012
Evanescence Evanescence 2011
Flower Kings, (the) coeur Banks Of Eden 2012
Four Seconds Ago The Vacancy 2018
Frames In Via 2012
Gazpacho Soyuz 2018
Glyder Backroads To Byzantium 2011
Grönholm Silent Out Loud 2011
Haken coeur Affinity 2016
Vector 2018
Headspace I Am Anonymous 2012
Holopainen, Tuomas Music Inspired By The Life And Times Of [...] 2014
Imperia Secret Passion 2011
John Wesley A Way You'll Never Be 2016
Junius Reports From The Threshold Of Death 2011
Karmakanic Dot 2016
Lacuna Coil Dark Adrenaline 2012
Broken Crown Halo 2014
Lake of Tears gueule Illwill 2011
Leaves' Eyes Meredead 2011
Symphonies Of The Night 2013
Fires In The North (EP) 2016
Lodz Time Doesn't Heal Anything 2017
Lunatic Soul coeur Fractured 2017
Lyriel Paranoid Circus 2011
Leverage 2012
My Black Light Human Maze 2011
Nemesea The Quiet Resistance 2011
Olzon, Anette Shine 2014
Pagan's Mind coeur Heavenly Ecstasy 2011
Pigeon Toe The First Perception 2012
Porcupine Tree Stupid Dream 1999
Red Rose Live The Life You've Imagined 2011
Riverside coeur Love, Fear And The Time Machine 2015
Road To Consciousness coeur Road To Consciousness 2011
Saltatio Mortis Das Schwarze Einmaleins 2013
Sep7ember Strange Ways Of Going Home 2011
Serenity coeur Death & Legacy 2011
Shaka Ponk Bad Porn Movie Trax 2009
The Geeks And The Jerkin' Socks 2011
Sirenia gueule The Enigma Of Life 2011
Solar Fake Frontiers 2011
Soledad, A Solo Project coeur Catharsis 2019
Sons Of Seasons Magnisphyricon 2011
Sound Storm Immortalia 2012
Speaking To Stones coeur Elements 2012
Stream Of Passion Darker Days 2011
The 69 Eyes Universal Monsters 2016
The Birthday Massacre Under Your Spell 2017
The Chant A Healing Place 2012
coeur New Haven 2014
The Morganatics We Come From The Stars 2015
Theatre Of Tragedy coeur Last Curtain Call 2011
Three The Ghost You Gave To Me 2011
Thy Majestie ShiHuangDi 2012
Touchstone Mad Hatters (EP) 2006
Discordant Dreams 2008
Wintercoast 2009
The City Sleeps 2011
Van Canto Break The Silence 2011
Vargton Projekt coeur ProgXpriMetal 2011
Voices Of Destiny Power Dive 2012
Wesley, John Disconnect 2014
Wilson, Steven To The Bone 2017
Wind Rose Shadows Over Lothadruin 2012
Within Temptation The Unforgiving 2011
Xandria coeur Sacrificium 2014

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