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entre et

entre et /20


Album (49)


40 Watt Sun coeur Wider than the Sky 2016
AC/DC High Voltage 1976
Black Ice 2008
Bad News Bros Introducin' The Bad News Punkkin 2009
coeur Barrelhouse Rock 'n' Roll 2009
Black Crowes, (the) Happiness Bastards 2024
Black Keys, (the) Thickfreakness 2003
Black Label Society Kings Of Damnation : 98-04 2005
Blind Faith Blind Faith 1969
Blues Pills Blues Pills 2014
Cactus Cactus 1970
Casualties of Cool Casualties of Cool 2014
Corrosion of Conformity Deliverance 1994
Dylan, Bob Modern Times 2006
Eyehategod Confederacy of Ruined Lives 2000
Flower Kings, (the) coeur Banks Of Eden 2012
Heavy Manic Souls Heavy Manic Souls 2009
Jethro Tull Stand Up 1969
Jimi Hendrix Experience Are You Experienced 1967
Kotzen, Richie Get Up 2004
Into The Black 2006
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin 1969
Marilyn Manson coeur The Pale Emperor 2015
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds The First Born Is Dead 1985
Kicking Against the Pricks 1986
Abattoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus 2004
Pain Of Salvation Road Salt 2010
Road Salt pt 2 2011
Pensées Nocturnes Vacuum 2009
Pride & Glory Pride & Glory 1994
Raconteurs, (the) Broken Boy Soldiers 2006
Rolling Stones, (the) Exile On Main St. 1972
Four Flicks (DVD) 2003
Rock and Roll Circus 2004
Sixteen Horsepower Sackcloth 'n' Ashes 1995
The Answer Rise 2006
The Vintage Caravan coeur Gateways 2018
Waits, Tom Rain Dogs 1985
White Stripes, (the) Icky Thump 2007
Whitesnake Snakebite (EP) 1978
Trouble 1978
Lovehunter 1979
Ready An' Willing 1980
Live In The Heart Of The City 1980
Come An’ Get It 1981
Saints an' Sinners 1982
Live... In The Shadow Of THE Blues 2006
coeur Good To Be Bad 2008
Zeal and Ardor coeur Stranger Fruit 2018

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