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entre et

entre et /20


Album (17)


Amaranthe The Nexus 2013
Amberian Dawn End of Eden 2010
coeur Circus Black 2012
Beherit Drawing Down the Moon 1993
H418ov21.C 1994
Electric Doom Synthesis 1996
Children Of Bodom Hatebreeder 1999
Follow The Reaper 2001
Hate Crew Deathroll 2003
Electric Wizard Witchcult Today 2007
Ihsahn Telemark (EP) 2020
Killing Joke coeur MMXII 2012
Nightwish Wishmaster 2000
Shape Of Despair Angels of Distress 2001
Shining coeur VII: Född Förlorare 2011
Redefining Darkness 2012
Swallow The Sun Emerald Forest and the Blackbird 2012

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